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Outdoor Lighting Savannah 912-777-8661 Free Consultation.

Ecologic Lighting is a locally owned and operated outdoor lighting company based out of the Savannah, GA area. We also service the Bluffton and Hilton Head areas of the Lowcountry. We have been installing energy efficient, top quality landscape lighting systems since 2002.

During that time, halogen outdoor lighting systems were the norm due to the lack of LED outdoor lighting technology. But now, due to much improved LED technology , LED outdoor lighting systems are affordable , efficient and beautiful!

Do you live in Downtown Savannah and have a courtyard that is dark and unsafe? Do you have a walk to the dock or the carport that is dangerous? Do you have an outdoor lighting area that you would like to use more in the evening, but you can’t see enough to enjoy it?  Do you want to give your home some night time curb appeal and keep strangers out of your yard?

Then call Ecologic Lighting for a free, professional outdoor lighting consultation at your home or place of business. Please contact us now.

L.E.D. Landscape Lighting Installations, Retrofits, Service and Repair

David Homansky - Lead Lighting Designer

(912) 777-8661 - david@ecologiclighting.com 


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